Permanent Exhibition of Ethnology Center of Baranja's Heritage

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The permanent exhibition is designed through four themes that clearly show Baranja's lifestyle, before and now.

The permanent exhibition of the Ethnology Center Baranja's Heritage presents tangible and intangible cultural heritage of ethnic groups in the area of Baranja, from the late 19th to early 20th century. The exhibition is designed through four themes in order to highlight richness of traditional culture, encourage its preservation and sustainability. As an active participant in the industry of cultural tourism, the exhibition of the Ethnological Centre represents the starting point towards living traditional amenities and tourist destinations, from which one can discover the real identity of Baranja. The exhibition occupies space of a porch and two rooms within the house that has been restored into Ethnology Center of Baranja's Heritage, with total area of 112 m2. The content preferences of the exhibition are based on the unbreakable bond of a man who comes from Baranja with the natural environment – Baranja's landscape. Therefore, the exhibition put emphasis on the beauty of Kopački rit, as well as the beauty of Baranja's forests, rivers, plains and Banovo Hill, together with vineyards, wine roads and trails which invite for walking and wandering through Baranja. Traditional skills of construction, handmade textiles and crafts are thematic units that are lining up through the exhibition. Uniqueness and mystique of Baranja is shwon through traditions and legends, and its hospitable tale about good wine, red pepper, fish and homemade noodles.

Mirela Ravas, M.A. Anthropology and Ethnology

Ksenija Katalinić, Senior Custodian



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